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6.4% of EU 27 population made up of foreign citizens

Analysis just published by eurostat shows that on 1 January 2009, 31.9 million foreign citizens lived in the EU27 Member States, of which 11.9 million were citizens of another EU27 Member State. The rest were citizens of countries outside the EU27, in particular from other European countries (7.2 million), Africa (4.9 million), Asia (4.0 million) and the American continent (3.3 million). This means that foreign citizens made up 6.4% of the total EU27 population.

Of course this is an average figure, with huge variations between countries. The proportion was less than 1% in Poland, Romania and Bulgaria but 44% in Luxembourg.

In terms of the raw data, the most foreign citizens are to be found in Germany with 7.2 million; Spain, 5.7 million; UK, 4 million in 2008; Italy, 3.9 million; and, France, 3.7 million. Over three-quarters of all foreign citizens lived in these five countries.

Among the EU27 Member States, the highest percentage of foreign citizens in the population was found in Luxembourg (44% of total population), followed by Latvia (18%), Cyprus and Estonia (both 16%), Spain (12%) and Ireland (11%).

In 2009, 37% of the foreign citizens living in the EU27 were citizens of another EU member state. The largest groups were from Romania (2.0 million or 6% of the total number of foreign citizens in the EU27), Poland (1.5 million or 5%), Italy (1.3 million or 4%) and Portugal (1.0 million or 3%). The largest groups from outside the EU27, came from Turkey (2.4 million or 8%0, Morocco (1.8 million or 6%) and Albania (1.0 million or 3%).

What was particularly interesting from the findings was that foreign citizens were significantly younger than the population of nationals, having a median age of 34.3 years compared with 41.2 years. This certainly adds a ‘vitality’ to many populations from foreigners living amongst them.

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