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GDP per head in the EU varies between 41% and 268% of the average

Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per inhabitant of the EU27, and expressed in Purchasing Power Standards, varied from 41% to 268% of the average in 2009, based on first preliminary estimates, and just published by eurostat.

In Finland, France, Spain, Italy, Cyprus and Greece, GDP per inhabitant was within 10% of the EU average. Ireland, the Netherlands, Austria, Sweden, Denmark, the UK, Germany and Belgium were all between 15% and 35% above average, with Luxembourg completely outstripping the rest of the EU. With an average of 100 Luxembourg recorded a figure of 268 for GDP per inhabitant.

Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Malta, Portugal and Slovakia were between 10% and 30% lower than average. Whilst, Hungary, Estonia, Poland and Lithuania were between 30% and 50% lower. At the bottom end, Latvia, Romania and Bulgaria were between 50% and 60% below the EU 27 average.

These figures bring out the stark diversity of the situation of member countries and reflect the difficulties in holding such a disparate body together.

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