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Endorsed by Chief Examiners

What Chief Examiners Say about Anforme
Here are some quotes from Chief Examiners...

"I love the Anforme books because they are up-to-date and good value for money. The books are well written and structured allowing students to easily grasp concepts and diagrams. We are actually planning to replace our main textbook with Anforme books as they are more versatile and better value for money. I would recommend them to students and teachers alike."
Amy Chapman, Principal Examiner GCSE Economics

"Anforme provides an excellent range of resources which are available to anyone studying A Level or IB Economics. They are user-friendly and much appreciated by students."
Quintin Brewer, Chief Examiner, for a major A Level Board.

"As a teacher, I have made sure my pupils subscribe to the excellent Anforme publication, Economics Today. They have also benefited from the extremely good Anforme booklets on The European Union, Economic Development, Industrial Economics and International Economics. As a Chief Examiner, I thoroughly recommend these and other Anforme publications to all A Level teachers."
Ray Powell, Chief Examiner for a major A Level Board.

"Economics Today is a very readable and accessible publication for students of A Level Economics. It is written by senior teachers and examiners who know how the subject should be presented to A Level students."
Colin G Bamford, former Chief Examiner, OCR.

"Anforme publications provide a valuable support material for students of A Level Economics. Often dealing with key parts of the syllabus or specialist options, they are accessible, up to date and provide students with an insight into topic areas that may be lacking in traditional textbooks. In addition their revision material is an excellent aid when students are preparing for their examination papers."
Robert Nutter, Principal Examiner, for a major A Level Board.

"As for Anforme's Guides, Reviews and Top Topics, we use a selection these as a basis of our teaching. It's often better to have a range of slim, frequently updated guides rather than chunky textbooks which quickly become obsolete."
Rachel Cole, Principal Examiner, for a major A Level Board.

"Anforme is highly regarded among teachers, examiners and students for the quality, accessibility and value for money of its publications."
Dr Charles Smith, Principal Examiner, for a major A Level Board.

"Anforme's materials are an excellent support for A Level study. They combine readability with accuracy and succeed because they recognise the demands of A Level and the needs of A Level students. In current parlance they are user friendly."
Tony Emery, former Principal Examiner.

"Economics Today and the Anforme publications are an excellent source of up to date and well written material. Written by experienced examiners for A Level students, the material always has the right focus on exam technique and content and it is delivered in a way that makes it accessible to all. An invaluable set of resources; A Level students can only ignore them at their peril."
Marwan Mikdadi, Former Principal Examiner